Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Ancient city

Over the past year I have been inspired to record the more obscure events in my life. I have found inspiration in other people who are either doing the same or allowing me the comfort to open up. I am not ready to die, but if I did go tomorrow I want to have these dreams and experiences recorded. This is a dream that I had in 2005(?)shortly before graduating from school...

I had a dream that I was riding in the back seat with my Father and Step-mom. We were traveling along the cliffs of a country that I had never been to before. It was tremendous what I could see out of my window, the typography of this place. Gigantic cliffs on my left lead down to an inlet of the ocean. The climate seemed dry yet was cluttered with palms and tropical trees. The three of us chatted about something benign when across this inlet something caught my eye.
It was a series of four cliffs or platforms that jutted out from the center of the mile high cliff across the small branch of sea which we were driving. Three of these four cliffs were roughly equal in length with the fourth cut in half. Hanging from these long rectangular (and one short) platforms were cones that looked artificial in design and sat side by side as if the dark points on the six side of the dice. The last ledge, however, only held four cones but were as uniform in placement as the others.
On top of these ledges, platforms, the scene was out of ancient Greece. On the top of the long three were two rows of pillars each. They were in ruins yet still held the skeleton of what was once, I imagine, a thriving civilization. They were adjacent to the long lines of these platforms stretching out to the end (and in sets of two per structure) were resting in patches of grass and dried earth. Except for the cones and shapes of these things (the last 'stage' empty of any pillars) they seemed natural and beautiful.
I looked at my Father sitting in front of me and said, "Is that the ancient city?"

"That's the ancient city", he said. I thought, how odd and frightening to put your city on such an unreachable set of cliffs! There were no stairs or ladders leading to this site!

I then woke up in my bedroom, in a half sleep. You will not understand this next part or my reaction to it. I saw a single point of blue indigo light hovering next to my bed just above eye level. I felt at peace when I saw it and fell back into a deep sleep. It was not startling and I would deal with it later.

I now believe that the dream was a message about the astounding foundation of the ancient people's that we ascended from. The cones equaling the number sequence 6664 was a fascinating google search to say the least. In other words, the foundation for our ancient people's goes beyond our present ideas of how they came to be and what they were capable of. I will leave it at that. Is my decoding of this dream 'correct'? Not sure. I am thankful for these dreams but not attached to my interpretation. Why they are handed to me? Well, you know God has a sense of humor. Peace.

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