Monday, September 7, 2009

Second spirit dream in one month.

I was standing in the old house I grew up in with my mother. Since this dream happened over a week ago the details are fuzzy. I remember being there with Mom in the kitchen. The house was in ruins and I was peering down through the floor in areas where it had been worn down to a wire mesh. I was looking into the present and seeing my two step sisters (from my Dads third marriage) had put both of their dogs to sleep. I was now standing next to my father and asked him why. He said, "Well, you know, the one was old and had to be put down so they just put the other down too, got it out of the way".
This is not a symbolic situation, so you know. This is very similar to the reality of my father's new wife and her daughters. They are not bad people? They are the product of something angry, entitled, and unreal to my eyes. I thought in the dream, "How do I know these horrible people!!!???" "How can these people exist!?"

I was now out in the open somewhere. My hands were stretched out before me, sad with this thought. A golden light with the shape of smaller silvery/gold and transparent human hands clasped my left wrist, turning it over then back again, almost examining it. They moved to the other wrist and I kept my focus, this time squeezing its thumb to let it know that I was aware of it's presence. To my astonishment it had volume, weight. It was tactile and real!
It (female?) spoke in a thought voice and told me that when I stood at the gates of hell (despair, futility in the lack of heart and apathy), when I needed it (her?) to place two fingers under each nostril, press down and say her name. She would be there.
It was the last bit that I remember. I never saw her face. I cannot tell you the name. I remember the name! Haha! But....that is for myself and almost unimportant? None the less, I feel it is for me.
I will not be able to talk about the first spirit dream I have had this month until I understand what is happening. Hell, these are really for me anyway!! I need to print the fuckers out.
And yes, for what it's worth....I feel these are spirits that I am meeting in my dreams. I like meeting them that way. In person, it takes your breath away! It can be wonderful but shocking. Well, wonderful AND shocking. Until I get clarity it is a no nonsense approach. The next post will be about the third. I had it two nights ago but am too tired to record it now.

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  1. Hey...Scott, is it? It's 9090nano from youtube! On here, I'm Mama Pajama - I'm gonna get confused with all these different identities! Anyway, once again, thank you for sharing! These are powerful and exciting dreams, and you have been lucky to meet with those you have, on this plane, and on others. I write my dreams down as well, I think it helps us in some way, either make sense of them, or recognize them later. Keep in touch, man, I feel like we could talk for days!