Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dreams from 2007-9

Below are a cluster of dreams that I have recorded on another blog page. I will simply copy/paste them here, together. Future dream blogs will be posted one at a time (I imagine). My name is Scott and I am a black woman living in a white mans body. Kidding. Can you imagine? I can. That's why I said it. No, I am a dream blogger. NOT a writer. So, if you can muddle through, enjoy.

April 5, 2007

Last night I had what I would call a "story" dream. I dreamt that was traveling with an unknown woman by car along a dirt road. We came to a small town along this road that had some modern features (electricity towers, cars) but other than that could have been straight out of the movie "The Village". While walking behind my female companion back to the car after a short stop, a giant man with huge head and arms surprised us, picked up my friend and bit her head off. It was very graphic and real.

Cut to; I am now living in the village?.. and in a town meeting where we have gathered to head out in groups and find the giant and attack him because he was eating people left and right the second they left their doorstep. I was terrified because I was only given one companion to walk my route with me in search for this guy. So myself and some woman that I knew but was not recognizable went off by ourselves through this deserted village. Not long into our journey the giant jumped out from behind a small cabin on the hill we were climbing. I yelled," We found him! We found him!". The giant came for us and we ran into an empty cottage that had several rooms. The giant busted through the door as I began to shut it, so my friend and I ran into another room, shut that door and locked it. I said," Lets keep going! We have to hide!". We then went through another door and into another empty room with a small rustic window too small to climb out of. After shutting and locking that door I noticed that the room had two closets. We ran into one and shut it when we noticed a little girl already there hiding. And that's when I woke up.

October 9, 2007

First of all, for fear I would not fall asleep early enough I took a tamazapam (sleeping pill). I am sure that somehow played into this epic dream. Well, actually, I am not sure! All my dreams have been huge and memorable recently with vast landscapes, animals, and full of flight. Anyway, here is last night's....

The dream began with my friend Jasmine taking me to see an "art house" flick by a famous Spanish director. In the dream Jasmine explains that this director is known for shooting all his films on older film stock. So, even his modern shot pictures look like they came from the 70's, with that grainy light, whatnot. Also, he is known for letting his shots, his scenes, just meander along in "real time" so that you get a feeling of being there. Well, she was right.

The entire screen was the only thing I saw. The shots in the film were beautiful and so unbelievably detailed!!! A car ride through Mexico City where I was the character looking out the window was awesome. I could see every building, side street, outdoor cafe, car, and it went on and on until the shot moved out of town and into the country. And then the scene Jasmine had been waiting for us to see...our friend Rebecca was in the film! She was nude, lounging around in a sexy scene with another male character! I looked at Jasmine with surprise, without a word she nodded with understanding.

Cut to Jasmine and I are at Rebecca's (which is my old grandparents house for some odd reason). I remember gushing over Rebecca's role..., "Oh my God, how, when did you audition?" She said, "Well, I was very young, it was thirteen years ago. The director liked me better than the other girls. I got the part". At this point in the dream Jasmine is watching as Rebecca and I are laying sticks across a large deep hole in the ground she has discovered in her front yard. Things get confusing here so bare with me.

As the conversation of Rebecca's film career went on, I had a set of playing cards that I was laying out for a reading. After the reading we were actually going to play cards out on the lawn. But not just any part of the lawn. We were going to play cards on top of a mesh of twigs and sticks that ran across this deep hole in the yard. So, forget the film conversation and cut to.....

I lay out the cards and telling Jasmine and Rebecca that two of the three of us will take an unexpected "vacation" sometime in the next six months. The "vacation" will last for over one week and will be quite a surprise. At that moment Rebecca stands up and jumps onto the weak mesh of twigs, breaking through them and falling far down into the hole. I thought to myself, "Well, there goes Rebecca's week". I yelled, "Rebecca! Are you alright?" In an inaudible voice she yells something back and I run to find her parents (which are doing yard work on the other side of the house).

To wrap up (I am getting bored) we get down into the hole. Rebecca's jump had left her a little rattled and I hold her up on my shoulder like I used to hold my old cat who just recently got eaten by a coyote (for real). We discover, however, that in the bottom of the hole is a tunnel that once used to belong to the underground railroad!! It had a running water way made of wood and old coffins holding the bodies of those who built the tunnel.

Ok, I'll wrap up there. There is a little more I will leave out to save myself some time here. I mostly wrote this dream so that I could remember it. And now I will. What an epic dream!

October 3, 2008

I'm sick with some kind of chest shit. Not sure, just started taking my dogs antibiotics a few days ago. Thank God I did. Its kicking my ass. What? They're actually people anti-bio tics. The vet prescribed them because they are cheaper than the dog ones we were buying for him. Anyway, he seems to be fine now. If not we have one free refill. Hmmmm...You know, he is also on pain medicine. better not. Its just for dogs. I'M KIDDING! I already tried them. I felt nothing. I did stop scratching myself though. ANYWAY, on to the dream...

This afternoon, I fell asleep in a bad mood, had this dream. I dreamt there was a little crawl space in my living room that overlooked our apartments training ground for the arctic navy seals. In my dream I thought, "That is so cool that my apartment complex has something like this. The upkeep must be expensive!".

Anyway, I lowered myself down into what was basically a doorway into the arctic. There were ice barges, polar bears, and a wall of widows affixed to a ceiling (my apartment complex). I was now sitting on a little shoal of floating ice looking at a small group of navy seals stretching for their daily training. One was so handsome! I couldn't make out what he was saying but I sat and watched him a while. I thought to myself what an odd choice to make at such a young age, to turn your entire freedom and life away to something like this (side note: actually, that's the only age you could get anyone to do it, eh? They don't know what freedom is yet). Anyway, I admired him. And I wanted to fuck him.

So....I pushed on and paddled with my hands up the icy water to a camera crew that was rolling back the tape of something they had caught either earlier in the year or that day? I wasn't sure. I instantly just knew that this was a infamous recording I was about to watch of a man getting eaten alive by a one-eyed monster that looked like a loogie with claws. I thought, "Is this a seal? What the hell is that?".
It was hard to watch, a man in a wet suit struggling violently to get away as this creature grabbed him, pulling him back. I turned away before the limbs started flying off and said to the camera crew, "What were you doing? Were you just filming this? Why didn't you help?". I never got an answer. I felt horribly for the man and was then unsure of the water I was floating in. I made my way back toward my apartment window and woke up.

December 12, 2008

This was the night before last, I had a dream that I cannot get out of my head. The randomness of it?
I had a dream I was prophetizing to a woman who looked like the old sepia print photos you see of a Navajo woman or maybe Alaskan Indian? Wider face, features with noble eyes that floated on tanned skin and long dark hair. Anyway, I had a message to give her and I don't remember how I got it or where I was but I looked at her and said, "In time these things are to come that your tribe will be hunted down first and annihilated because they have the biggest of hearts". And I started to tear up!?
I said, "Understand that God chose your people to go through it first because you will be able to handle it." And as I am saying this to her I am understanding what I am saying, that it is the "tribe" of big hearts that have the wisdom and love to experience that reality. WOW!
And then a voice told me that even I would revel in the new leaders choices because he chose the darkest paint to make the first stroke (and I look down at this brush picking up this dark green color and I was so excited because it was new and the underdog and right). And though I felt righteous I knew those things would come to pass and felt nothing but pride about being joyful. Sad.
Now, where the hell do you look that up in the dream dictionary? WT......f?

The dream continued on visually to show some of the interesting colors I would come to see in my future. I mean, literally. I was floating over a painted lake and thought "beautiful!". I don't want to go into the rest, its too visual to describe so I guess I should draw it. Peace.

April 13, 2009

The dream opened with me living in a nice home on beautiful land. I lived with others, a family, my family? I was myself but the time period seemed to be about one hundred years ago in relationship to how people were dressed and the decor of things (furniture, appliances). I knew someone (and I felt it was government police) were coming to find me, take me away. I knew this home I was in well and knew that I could survive in the attic because of its hidden location in the house. I knew that if I used buckets for the bathroom, blankets for bedding, dry food, whatnot, I could survive hidden away as the house was visited by agents then monitored. Basically, I was going to have to Anne Frank it for a minute.
I remember looking up at the attic door and thinking that I had to tell others how to hide, that they could hide here. Now, I am watching the dream and am no longer in it but could feel what the other people were feeling as they lived it. It now became a review of the story of those that hid there.
The attic was over crowded with over thirty some people sharing one small space. I could see how the smells of feces and b.o., sweat and must built up as this group of hiders had to stay there much longer than anyone anticipated. I saw these sickly people sweat furiously in the heat during the day and almost freeze to death in the night. I felt that they feared leaving the attic for even one moment and had to be supplied food from safe providers living in the house. I wanted to then be the safe provider and as I watched developed a plan on how to help them, get them food, empty their buckets, bring towels with water and soap. I knew that when I started living inside their reality again that I would be one of the safe people living in the home but was going to have to be so careful as to not be caught.
I am not sure the intentions of the police that I would be walking amongst but was very frightened and threatened by them. Well, the next thing I remember was not having that opportunity? I was at the end of the story and telling it to a group of people in the form of a play. It was several rows of chairs lined up in a field looking toward a stage that resembled a doll house (the home split and opened) with the attic as the focus.
The play was the tale of how these people survived but how some of them had lived almost their entire life, for years in the attic until the reign of the government police ended. Those few that survived, the younger ones, lived to tell the tale and have families. The audience seemed to be moved and applauded the story before exiting their chairs.
Cut to: I am sitting in a restaurant/diner that was built in the seventies at an unassuming booth with a man. He said, "The house is no longer here, your families house". I looked around and felt sad and nostalgic. I looked at a stone fire place in this diner and knew it was not the original one but was built directly on top of it. I felt sad but in a very peaceful way. The land was sold and the old house was leveled.
Now I am standing out front of the stage of this old home and getting ready to say goodbye but celebrate the memory of those who lived there. I am a younger man than I am now and my grandfather and great grandfather are there to pass down the tradition of this story through me with giving me a box of salt. Well over one hundred other people were there at this event and were strewn out over a large field with a young crop of corn coming up at one end. Everyone was so happy to watch me perform this tradition and my grandfather seemed so proud! Next thing I know I am running toward the field and pouring a fine line of salt between the corn rows. As I am doing this I understand that I am salting the earth so that when the harvest is tall we will be able to walk between the corn rows to gather it? I was unclear but did my job well until I ran out of salt where the field bent.
I then woke up.

May 13, 2009

The dream opened with myself in the drivers set of a somewhat old pick-up truck. I had a companion with me (I think female) in the passenger and we were having an easy conversation. I did not know it yet but I was in the opening scene for 28 days later: part three.
So here we are sitting in bumper to bumper traffic headed back into the city. People were allowed to repopulate the downtown areas, and weather by foot or car, crowds were happily returning to their homes. The "rage" virus was no more and the threat of an outbreak was distant past? That is how I felt, that was the mood. I now understood that this was the story I was living in.
A ball of white light exploded at the horizon ahead of us. A short silence then screams as the people walking back into the city ran away from it, their hair and clothes on fire. I knew it was a bomb, nuclear! I quickly shut the trucks air vents as my companion and I crouched down on the floor board in terror. The screams of agony running past my door were as painful to hear as being burnt alive. Suddenly both my companion and I took an unspoken understood flight from the vehicle with no concern for staying together. We knew the virus had broken out and this was the governments only proven way to stamp it out; kill everything immediately.
I wasn't sure what was more horrifying, running away from the blast and heat or the idea that somewhere in the crowd was one of the infected.

But I ran fast and as I did, planned out in my head how I was going to talk an unsympathetic group in hazmat suits (that may or may not care to scan my eyes for the virus) into letting me pass. Eventually I began to see suburban landscape. What happened next gets fuzzy. Somehow, I knew that I had not run far enough. I had a sense that among the terrified crowd the infection was not far behind.
I also knew, that as I heard the sound of a fighter jet(?), that another bomb was about to hit. I remember being near what looked like a laundry nook detached from a home with the doors blown off. I ran for the dryer, cramming myself into it and closing the door. There was a small window to the outside. I groped for something to cover it so that blinding light and heat would deflect away. Then BOOM! Another ball of light, screams......
Then I woke up. Well, I woke myself up. That was all I could handle!

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